About Us

Papay was founded by 5 individuals who had a vision of making Pandesal as an alternative for rice. Their forefront idea is to build stores in unreached locations wherein rice is the common food. Fact is, rice is still the staple food of Filipinos all over the country but is now slowly being replaced by a number of substitutes like bread, oat meals, flakes, hot cakes, fruits, and many others especially in highly urbanized areas. This is because Filipinos nowadays are more conscious with their diet thus replacing rice with a much healthier food. This is not the case in the unreached areas. Since the most common means of livelihood in remote areas are farming, instead of cooking or buying food substitute, farmers will just skip breakfast. Farming is not an easy job unlike the job of Filipinos living in the urban areas where they have the luxury of buying or cooking food that can replace rice. Farmers are scarce in everything from money, time and resources. This is not a good practice. Study shows that breakfast is most important meal of the day and skipping breakfast is not healthy for an individual. This drove the founders, Andrea, Oliver, Mon, Len and Rico to address this problem by putting up stores in these areas and sell a simple product – “Pandesal”. A simple advocacy of providing food in remote areas that eventually became a profitable business. Due to its simplicity, success was an easy measurement. Putting up store in remote areas captures a ready buyer, selling pandesal uses an excellent product, affordability attracts buyers from any class, low investment makes it easy to set up are some of the key measurement of success.


Mon, honing an excellent skill in baking was able to formulate a very delectable and sumptuous tasting pandesal that is attracting buyers to keep coming back again and again. Oliver, being a project manager uses his expertise in the operation side thus achieving smooth flow of operations in all aspects of the business. Andrea and Rico, who are experts in concept making as well as in strategy building, is involved marketing. This sets Papay apart from other business because with the small cost of setting up a store, many are thinking store appearance will be like an ordinary sari sari store but this is not the case. Every small detail is well thought off making it a cut above the rest and making the business more successful and more attractive to customers. Len, with her people skills, is in charge of inspiring all 100 staffs of Papay to work harmoniously with each other.

The Company:

The company name Papay Bakeshop was established 2012. BRAND was registered on 12/12/12 under the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. With barely 2 years in operation, Papay Pandesal now has more than 50 company-owned and franchised branches with nearly 200 employees. With its rapid growth, the company decided to open Papay Pandesal for franchising to cope up with the demand for its pandesal. Come and grow with us CONTACT US NOW