You can open your very own Papay Pandesal Store complete with amenities, equipment, marketing signages and staff training. As a franchisee, you will be assisted from initial set up to the store launching.

Pandesal being referred to as substitute for rice as the staple food of Filipinos, is the most profitable bread in a bakery. What if we eliminate other types of bread and just concentrate on the most sellable bread which is pandesal. Wouldn’t it be an interesting business model? Filipinos are used to eating pandesal during morning only. After the sun rises, we can’t buy pandesal anymore and sometimes we are getting old hard pandesal because bakery usually offers in early in the morning only. What if there is a bakery who offers uniquely shaped, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside, HOT PANDESAL 24 hours a day? YES 24 hours a day! Wouldn’t be exciting for customers? This is the main driving force why PAPAY PANDESAL is growing at a tremendous pace.

Simple system offering most profitable bread catering to the needs of every Filipinos 24 hours a day – PAPAY PANDESAL.